Sonel EVSE-01 Electrical Charger 2020

Sonel Adapter for testing vehicle charging stations - EVSE-01

What are the Capabilities of Sonel Adapter for testing vehicle charging stations?

Adapter allows to perform comprehensive measurements of electric vehicle charging stations - quickly and in accordance with applicable regulations. Simulating the charging cable (proximity pilot line - PP) and vehicle connection status (control pilot line - CP), it will bring the station into different operating states.

This will enable measurements in the field of electric shock protection: ZS fault loop impedance, RISO insulation resistance and checking the parameters of RCD residual current devices.
To facilitate diagnostics, one of the EVSE-01 sockets is provided with pulse width modulation signal (PWM).

Which Application for the New Adapter for Testing Vehicle Charing Stations?

The EVSE-01 adapter enables measurements of AC electric vehicle charging stations with type 2 connector. Tests for 1-phase and 3-phase stations are available - both with and without ventilation.

Slowly but systematically, the number of electric vehicles on our roads is increasing every year.

We also observe a growing number of public and private charging stations, which is a necessary infrastructure.

The pace of development of this sector, as well as the funds invested in it, suggest that this is a trend that will intensify in the coming years.

When installing new charging stations, it is extremely important to properly perform acceptance tests to prevent the use of a faulty device.

Periodic tests carried out during operation are also key to user safety.

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Maria Paulu

Maria Paulu

This is a great new product for Adapter for testing vehicle charging stations

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